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Place of residence: Moscow
Date of birth: 29.09.2001
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Languages: English, Russian


- TV-Serial "Permission to speak", directed by Ilya Ermolove, 2022. Role: Varya.
- Serial "Gold Diggers. Reboot", directed by Lamara Sogomonian, 2022. Role: Julia.
- TV-serial "Cabinet of traveler", directed by Ashot Keshchyan, 2022. Role: Dasha.
- "I choose", director Zhanna Grimalovskaya, Leonid Telezhinsky, 2022. Role: Marina.
- Film "Bureaucrat", director Vladimir Motashnev, 2021. Leading role: Aya.
- TV-serial "Crystal", directed by Dushan Gligorov, 2021. Role: The Kate Fairytale.
- Film "The Morning dawn March", directed by Roman Kachanov, 2021. Role: Sasha.
- TV-serial "Sisters", directed by Ilya Silaev, 2021. Role: Yana
- TV-serial "Stream", directed by Rustam Ilyasov, 2021. Role: Sveta.
- TV-serial "High-society detective", directed by Oleg Larin, 2020. Role: Nadya.
- TV-serial "Sklifosovsky", directed by Julia Krasnova, 2020. Role: Marie.
- TV-serial "Lets go!" for STS channel, directed by Ilya Kazankov, 2019. Actor a Leading Role: Dasha.
- TV-serial "Themis Sees," director by Nikita Grammatikov, 2019. Role: Olya.
- Veb-serial "Fake News" for IVI channel, directed by Lada Iskanderova, 2019. Actor a Leading Role: Anna.
- Film "Pansies", director by Sergey Krasnov, 2019. Role: Kat.
- Feature film "She", director Maria Agranovich, 2018. Role: Nataly.
- TV-serial "Eye to eye", director Dmitry Panteleev, 2018. Role: Galya Bogacheva.
- TV-serial "Teachers" for TV-3 channel, directed by Ilya Kulikov, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Oksana.
- Feature film "Mom-mistress", directed by Oleg Fesenko, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Alina Chalco.
- TV-serial "Out of play" for STS channel, directed by Viktor Shamirov, 2018.
- TV-serial "Spider", directed by Michael Garnevski, 2017. Actor a Leading Role: Masha Bolsakova.
- Feature film "Good Boy", directed by Oksana Karas, 2016. Comedy. Role: Sasha.
- Film "Risk being seen", directed by Henric Hemmerlind, Sweden, 2016. Actor a Leading Role.
- Feature film "Dance of Silence", directed by Evgeny Kravchenko (Festival of The Russian State University of Cinematography), 2015. Drama. Actor a Leading Role.
- Movie trailer "Apus", directed by Anatoly Dmitriev, 2015. Fantasy. Actor a Leading Role.

*Became one of the three winners of the "Actor's Laboratory 2015" by "AMEDIA" film company.


- The TV-program "Reaction" by "Kino channel", 2020;
- The TV-program "What does it mean?" by "RBC channel", 2019;
- TV-show "Makecapers" ("Friday" channel), 2019;
- Digital-project by "KENZO" (main actress), 2017;
- "Fashion and Vogue" by RL Jewel, ("FashionTV"), 2017;
- Digital-project "Makeup in the big city" (MaybellineNYRussia), 2017;
- National TV Awards "High Five!", ("STS" channel), 2017;
- TV-show "Dance" (Top-14 best dancers), TNT channel, 2016;
- TV-show "You can more!", Match-TV channel, 2015;
- Kids TV-show "Girls Only", Detsky channel, 2013.

Theater Works (choreographic performances):

- "Alice in Wonderland" (Start.Rec), directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2015, role: Alice;
- "Coming, ready or not!" (GinSeng), directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, Leading role: Girl from fairytale;
- "Sleep of Holy Spring" / fr.original "Le Sacre du printemps", directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, role: Lizard;
- "The Birth", directed by Evgeny Yushkov, 2014, Leading role;
- "Royal Devils Show" (ROYALTY project) directed by Artem Volosov, 2013;
- Show Performance "Pirate Station Revolution" (Record Dance Radio), 2013, directed by Lika Stitch.

Music videos:

- Ok the music group My Michelle, director Oksana Katas, 2021 (role Olya);
- Snow singer Mari Mirai, director Marakesha , 2021 (leading role).


- Audiobook "Kids of Shinigami", Ida Martin, house of publishing AST, 2020;
- Audiobook "Time. Wind. Water", Ida Martin, house of publishing AST, 2020;
- Audiobook "What makes me", Ida Martin, house of publishing AST, 2020;
- Audiobook "Girl: Online", author of Zoe Sugg, publishing house Audiobook (Exmo-AST). Main role: Penny Porter, 2017;
- Advertising audio of the National Award "Give me Five!", ("Radio"), 2017;
- Animation project "Strizh". Main role: Maria Roshchina, 2015.


Main dance style:

- Voguing

The official representative "The House of Xclusive Lanvin" (New York) since 2013.

The winner of the "Overall Russian Ballroom Awards Ceremony 2019" in the nomination "Bizarre OTYs" (The best stage images in the history of the Russian Ballroom).

The winner of dance festivals:

- "Street Star 2016" ("Old Way" and "New Way" categories);
- "Alice. Deep in Vogue 2016" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Gatsby style" Vogue Ball ProTancy 2016 ("Runway" category);
- "Fantasy Christmas 2016" ("Arms Control" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Street Star 2015" ("Runway" category);
- "Deep in Vogue 2015" ("Bizarre" and "Best Dressed" categories);
- "Show Me What You Got 2015" Battle of dance styles ("Electro Dance vs Vogue" and "Breaking vs Vogue");
- "Mosc.ova Art Ball 2015" ("Bizarre Runway" and "New Way" categories);
- "The East Is Red 2015" ("Runway" category);
- "Snow White 2015" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Surprise" categories);
- "Cartoon Vogue Ball 2015" ("Runway" and "New way vs Old way" categories);
- "Red Bull Beat Battle 2015" (Member of Evgeniy Yushkovs Creative Team);
- "Raisky Dance Show 2014 (Member of Evgeniy Yushkovs Creative Team Start.Rec.);
- "Winter Wars 2014" ("Runway", "New Way" and "Grand Prize" categories);
- "Russian Roulette 2014" ("New Way" and "Bizarre" categories);
- "Circus Vogue Ball 2014" ("Runway" and "New Way" categories);
- "North Venice 2014" ("New Way" category).

* Fashion Room Magazine award "Dancer of the Year"

"Dance on TNT" (Popular Russian dance show):

- "Black Swan", choreography by A.Kiseleva;
- "Constellation", choreography by Y.Korobeinikova;
- "The doll in the book", choreographers S.Gaidukov and K.Matulewski;
- "The love story of Jane and Stephen Hawking", choreographers Miguel and Foam;
- "Madness", choreography by A.Dotsenko;
- "History of Vogue", choreography by V.Klimenko;
- "Star Wars", choreography by Miguel;
- "Discovery. Top 20", choreography by A.Thrones;
- "My love is like", the final concert of the top 20";
- "The dance team Miguel", choreographers E.Reshetnikov and A.Karpenko

International festivals:

- Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Choreographer and dancer for Eden Golan's performance);
- Dance Championship of best Russian choreographers "Russia Respect Show Case - 2014" (Member of Evgeny Yushkov's Creative Team "Start.Rec");
- Street Dance International Festival "Street Star" (Sweden) '2016;
- Street Dance International Festival "Street Star" (Sweden) '2015.

Personal Production:

- The dancing video for a new track of singer Shena, 2018;
- Choreographic production for the singer Artsvik ("Big solo concert Artsvik" in the theater "Gradsky hall", 2017);
- Choreography for concert shooting and presentation of music group "Golden Banana" 2016;
- Choreography for the performance "Basic Instincts" as part of art-project "New Lightness" 2016;
- Choreography for singer Eden Golan's performance at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Modeling works:

- Avon (catalog 2019, "Beauty Trends: Precious Oil Care");
- Cosmopolitan (5, May 2018, series of photos);
- InStyle (4, April 2018, photos);
- Tatler (6, June 2018, interview "Million Dollar Baby");
- Harper's Bazaar (KZ, April 2017, interview and photo series);
- VGXW Magazine (October 2017, "Through the Ages" series of photos);
- Daisy Magazine (8, July 2017, cover and editorial);
- ElleGirl (March 2017);
- Danilov Magazine (1, January 2017);
- Elle Russia (online-version 2017);
- Hello (December 2016);
- Fashion Room Magazine (December 2016);
- L'etoile (November 2016, cover);
- Nargis Magazine (29, October 2016);
- Fashion Room Magazine (39, April 2016, cover);
- L'Officiel (online version 2016, beaty);
- Glamour (online version 2016, beaty);
- Allure (online version 2016, beaty);
- Awake (online version 2016, issue "Oxygen").
- Shooting with Nastya Fed special for Pinko, 2018;
- Shooting with Nastya Fed special for Furla, 2018.

Fashion Shows:

- Fashion show "Bella Potemkina" Spring-Summer 2018 at the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia";
- Fashion show of the Artem Krivda Design collection at the Moscow Fashion Week 2017;
- Fashion show of the collection "Natalia Daragan" at the "Sochi Fashion Week 2017" (closing of the show);
- Fashion show of Bella Potemkina Fall-Winter collection 2017/18 at the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia";
- Dance performance at the presentation of the Kenzo World video at the International Festival "Cannes Lions";
- Presentation of the collection and perfume Kenzo on "Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2017";
- Presentation of the collection and perfume Kenzo in the Trading House of the Central Department Store;
- Shooting for the brand jewelry "RLjewel".

Commercial projects:

- Yandex Music (advertising for TV and Internet), 2022;
- "Train of Fortune" by Mari Mirai and Marakesha, 2021;
- Bang & Olufsen (advertisings for "B&O"), 2020;
- "Made for all" by Maybilline NY, 2019;
- "Change your mind" by Vanushina, 2018;
- "Shine bright like a diamond!" for Organic Shop, 2018;
- RL Jewel by FashionTV, 2017;
- "Fashion Robot" by Ushatava, 2017;
- Digital project by "KENZO" (Russia), 2017;
- "Drawing Gucci" (project by Alena Lavdovskaya & Gucci), 2017;
- "Ford Shelby Mustang" by Rhino Motors, 2017;
- Estel (advertisings for TNT, Russian TV channel), 2016;
- Nutella (advertising for "Nutella. My positive"), 2015;
- Timberland (Promo-action "nimated mannequins"), 2013.

Special projects:

Personal line of cream "Shine bright like a diamond" by Aleksandra Kiseleva. From "Organic Shop", 2018

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