Aleksandra Kiseleva

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Actor's showreel

Hello, my name is Aleksandra Kiseleva and its my acting showreel.
Im an actress and dancer.
Ive been dancing professionally since I was six years old.
My main dance style is vogue.
My acting career started from the leading role in a short film and already developed with the mains roles in successful series and films.

Actor's showreel, 2021


- TV-Serial "Permission to speak", directed by Ilya Ermolove, 2022. Role: Varya.
- Serial "Gold Diggers. Reboot", directed by Lamara Sogomonian, 2022. Role: Julia.
- TV-serial "Cabinet of traveler", directed by Ashot Keshchyan, 2022. Role: Dasha.
- Film "Bureaucrat", director Vladimir Motashnev, 2021. Leading role: Aya.
- TV-serial "Crystal", directed by Dushan Gligorov, 2021. Role: The Kate Fairytale.
- Film "The Morning dawn March", directed by Roman Kachanov, 2021. Role: Sasha.
- TV-serial "Stream", directed by Rustam Ilyasov, 2021. Role: Sveta.
- TV-serial "High-society detective", directed by Oleg Larin, 2020. Role: Nadya.
- TV-serial "Sklifosovsky", directed by Julia Krasnova, 2020. Role: Marie.
- TV-serial "Lets go!" for STS channel, directed by Ilya Kazankov, 2019. Actor a Leading Role: Dasha.
- TV-serial "Themis Sees," director by Nikita Grammatikov, 2019. Role: Olya.
- Veb-serial "Fake News" for IVI channel, directed by Lada Iskanderova, 2019. Actor a Leading Role: Anna.
- Film "Pansies", director by Sergey Krasnov, 2019. Role: Kat.
- Feature film "She", director Maria Agranovich, 2018. Role: Nataly.
- TV-serial "Eye to eye", director Dmitry Panteleev, 2018. Role: Galya Bogacheva.
- TV-serial "Teachers" for TV-3 channel, directed by Ilya Kulikov, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Oksana.
- Feature film "Mom-mistress", directed by Oleg Fesenko, 2018. Actor a Leading Role: Alina Chalco.
- TV-serial "Out of play" for STS channel, directed by Viktor Shamirov, 2018.
- TV-serial "Spider", directed by Michael Garnevski, 2017. Actor a Leading Role: Masha Bolsakova.
- Feature film "Good Boy", directed by Oksana Karas, 2016. Comedy. Role: Sasha.
- Film "Risk being seen", directed by Henric Hemmerlind, Sweden, 2016. Actor a Leading Role.
- Feature film "Dance of Silence", directed by Evgeny Kravchenko (Festival of The Russian State University of Cinematography), 2015. Drama. Actor a Leading Role.
- Movie trailer "Apus", directed by Anatoly Dmitriev, 2015. Fantasy. Actor a Leading Role.

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